How does MBM consider what to tour?

We receive proposals. Sometimes proposals come from member venues in MBM, sometimes from artists and their representatives or from other producers/promoters. Member venues look at the artistic, audience and financial considerations of proposals at member's meetings held four times a year. Members will either give a commitment to tour a proposal, express an interest but need more development/information or turn a proposal down.

Who decides what MBM tours?

The ten member venues that make up MBM decide what to tour becasue they know their audiences and potential audiences best and want to provide interesting artistic opportunities for their communities.

How many tours does MBM produce?

At the moment we are planning to produce a minimum of 4 tours a year.

How do I make a proposal for an MBM tour?

You can make a proposal on our form and send it to our General Manager or just float an idea. The General Manager co-ordinates proposals ready for discussion at our quartlery member venues' meeting.

What criteria do you assess project ideas by?

There are many different things to consider and in the end artistically things boil down to the opinion and judgment of the collective of member venues. However, there are some key things we consider:
Artistic: Innovation; quality; contribution; cultural heritage in relation to MBM's previous tours; profile and potential profile in the UK; potential audience size (MBM venues are large scale UK concert halls); potential to attract new audiences.
Financial: Fees needed by artist and clarification of what they cover; size of touring party (and therefore cost); any record label support.
Practical: Planned release of recordings/timing; production/technical requirements.

Why are those venues members of MBM?

They are members because they are committed to contributing to the collaborative ethos of MBM, are passionate about enabling people to experience and explore music, give time & expertise, are large in scale which affords a significant local and sub regional profile, take tours that they are prepared to invest significant subsidy into and are geographically well distributed around the UK in terms of population.

Can my venue become a member of MBM?

MBM is currently exploring options for additional Scottish venues. In terms of population coverage we are also considering the gap in the Yorkshire region. If you wish to register your interest then please contact Alistair Wilkinson Occasionally tours also go to venues outside of the MBM members so do let us know if you are interested in the kind of tours MBM produces.

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