A night of music and film - Claire Denis film scores 1996-2009



16 - 28 Oct 2011

For lovers of intensely beautiful and thought provoking film and music, this collaboration between world-renowned French film-maker Claire Denis and Tindersticks front man Stuart Staples is a match made in heaven.

Tindersticks are one of the most original and distinctive British acts, standing apart from both the British indie scene and the rash of Brit-pop guitar combos. Where their contemporaries are often direct, to the point and obvious, Tindersticks craft dense, meaningful songs layered with literary lyrics, intertwining melodies, brooding vocals, and gently melancholy orchestrations.

Claire Denis, a Paris-based filmmaker and one of the major artistic voices of contemporary French cinema. At the beginning of her film career, she worked as an assistant director to Dušan Makavejev, Costa Gavras, Jacques Rivette, Jim Jarmusch and Wim Wenders. She made her film debut in 1988 with Chocolat, and has developed a highly individualistic style, favoring visual and sound elements over dialogue, and her editing technique has been compared to jazz improvisation for its rhythmic quality.

For the past 15 years they have engaged in an inspired and fruitful partnership. With the imminent release of Claire Denis Film Scores 1996 – 2009, a boxed set collection of 6 Claire Denis film soundtracks that will be available for the first time together on CD and vinyl. This live music and cinema project was set in motion by an invitation from the San Francisco Film Festival and since then has gathered interest and momentum culminating in this UK tour.

The first part of the show combines visionary cinema with Tindersticks' unique sound where the archive has been scoured to assemble strikingly sensual and alternately meditative and shocking clips from Nénette et Boni, Trouble Every Day, Friday Night, The Intruder, 35 Shots of Rum and White Material. Viewed—and heard—anew, Denis’s singular images will soar on screen as the band’s live music envelops the venue.  

Age guidance: 18+



  TINDERSTICKS - Claire Denis Film Scores BOX SET PREVIEW by Constellation Records


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